Peter (Nifty) Neville

ICW: So Pete Neville, welcome to Indoor Cricket World.

Nifty: thanks Sheldon, great to be able to talk to you again. And I do like your intro - the "handsome" bit was a nice touch. And thoroughly deserved I might add.

ICW: No problem. But back to you . . . you've had a very long and successful career with Indoor Cricket both as a player and coach. Let's look at the coaching side first. When did you first decide to coach?

Nifty: I first started coaching junior cricket at the age of 15.

ICW: that's field cricket, not indoor?

NIFTY: that's right, I didn't play indoor until I was in my late 20`s HHHMM!!! That's some time ago now.

ICW: we'll get on to your indoor cricket history soon, but for the time being we'll stay with this. That's very young to start coaching? Why did you start coaching at that age?

Nifty: well, I thought the coach we had was boring and lacked imagination, so I applied for the job. I thought I could do a better job. Not like me to be cocky or anything of course.

ICW: Not like you at all . . . . . You obviously liked the coaching?

Nifty: I did. I continued with the juniors, then my first Senior Coaching was at age 22.

ICW: what was it about coaching that kept you interested?

Nifty: simply watching players skills improve, and being part of it. This was especially the case with the juniors, but still applies today.

ICW: Would you rather coach or play?

Nifty: I would much rather coach AND play, and did both in my younger days. But at my age now, I just coach.

ICW: do you still play at all nowadays?

NIFTY: I do play every now and then

ICW: Okay, back to the history . . . after you started playing indoor cricket, did you continue playing outdoor cricket?

NIFTY: I certainly did. I played indoor cricket during the winter so I could improve on those areas I thought needed some work. It was great when outdoor season started again as I felt it put me a step or two ahead of most other players.

ICW: now that is interesting, and I'm pleased to hear you say it. I guess you too have heard the "experts" over the years telling us that indoor and outdoor cricket should never mix, to the point where I know State and Australian outdoor cricket players were banned from indoor cricket?

NIFTY: well, in my opinion that is a load of crap!!! All it did for me was to improve ALL aspects of my game. It really pees me off every time I hear people say that, and yes, I have heard it a lot over the years. The only players it might confuse would be someone who doesn't understand their game and therefore can't adjust. Better players have no problem at all.

ICW: As you know, a few years ago I conducted an interview with Brad Zeller, then the Australian Women's Indoor Cricket team coach. Brad had the same opinion as you. Here's what he said in that interview:

Brad Zeller: "As far as indoor spoiling your outdoor, well, we hear it said all the time. But I think it's an excuse used by players who cannot take the next step in outdoor, or coaches who do not have the ability to work with what they have. It's easier to blame something so they blame Indoor Cricket. Lets face it, if you are not going to play outdoor for your State, why should playing indoor concern you anyway? If you are good enough you will make it. It never seemed to harm Steve or Mark Waugh too much. They both played Indoor Cricket for New South Wales for a couple of years without any detrimental effects"

NIFTY: I agree. I think it's obvious, but we still hear it.

ICW: every summer, first game of outdoor after a winter of indoor, I had to fight the urge to run on everything. Other than that, I totally agree with you too.

NIFTY: That's right, you adjust. I've heard that some of those same State coaches are now saying it's okay to combine the two. Probably because the game has finally been recognised by Cricket Australia. Can I say "dickheads" on Indoor Cricket World?

ICW: Of course not.

NIFTY: Okay, then I won't . . .

And on that note, we'll end this the first installment of the Peter (Nifty) Neville Interview.

Peter will be back soon to continue his thoughtful and amusing story . . . . stay tuned.

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