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We have a huge problem with Spam, receiving over 1,500 junk emails daily--having email addresses evident on a web-site as prominent and as large as ours invites the scourge of the Internet, spammers, to help themselves to that email address . . . and the rest is a right pain in the arse (and if you live in Australia and think that should be spelled "ass", you are wrong, you watch too much crap on tv, and you should get out more).

So, as much as we hate having to do this, all direct "mailto:" links are systematically being removed from Indoor Cricket World. This means that to contact us, you will have to type our email address into your blank email.

It also means any mail sent to any address other than the new one (see below) will be doomed to wander around for eternity looking for a non-existent address and we will not receive it.

Our new and only email address is: S H E L @ i i n e t . n e t . a u . . . . without the exaggerated spacing of course :) Please do not "copy and paste" this address from here--because of the exaggerated spacing it probably won't work--you must type the address minus all spaces into your email.

Please note: Any address other than that above will not reach us.

Thank you.

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