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Tournament archive

We have a large selection of photographs from a number of Australian and international tournaments, and a few other cricket-related happenings such as the star-studded Ryan Campbell Testimonial match in 2006.

All are available for purchase for personal use, and commercial licensing enquiries should be made through the Contact form on this site.

And a little reminder for those amongst us old enough to remember, the World Masters and World Cup tournaments in New Zealand were actually shot on something called "film"! . . .

Indoor Cricket wicket keeper and front half fielder diving towards camera to field ball.

2013 Australian Indoor Cricket Masters

Some photos I took at the venue for the original Singapore Indoor Cricket League, The Cage, in 2013

2011 Australian Open Championships

World Masters and Under 19s in New Zealand

We also have an extensive archive of coverage of the following events, including of course many exclusive photos. Contact Sheldon for details.

2000 Indoor Cricket World Cup (South Africa)
2001 International Masters (Perth, WA)
2002 Indoor Cricket World Cup (New Zealand)
2003 World Masters / Under 19s (New Zealand)
2004 Australian Masters (Perth, WA)

Ryan Campbell Testimonial Match 2006 (Perth, WA)



About Sheldon

Played since the earliest years, and began umpiring in the late 1970s.

Represented Western Australia for over 10 years in National Masters and Vets championships, honours include Captaining Western Australia and winning the Player of the National Championships in 1987.

Umpired State, National and international matches, held the post of Umpire Coordinator in Western Australia for the now defunct Australia Indoor Cricket Federation (AICF).

invited to officially photograph the Indoor Cricket World Cup in Wellington, New Zealand in . . . .

invited to officially photograph the Indoor Cricket Masters and Under 18 World Cups in Christchurch, New Zealand in . . ..

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