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Brad Zeller - a brief introduction

This interview was conducted December 2001/January 2002, and is presented here unaltered.

Indoor Cricket World: Brad, when did you first start playing Indoor Cricket? And what have been the milestones for you so far?

Brad Zeller: I started playing indoor cricket at ICA Toowoomba way back in 1984. I just loved the game--and I still do. As it turns out I have done a complete circle and come back here to Toowoomba.

As for milestones.....

    * Moved to Brisbane in 1987 and played at Tingalpa. It briefly shut down in late 1988
    * I played at Ashmore on the Gold Coast and Lang Park before
    * moving back to Tingalpa when David Gloede (ICW: coach of the current Australian Mens Masters side which recently won the International Masters Championships in Perth) reopened it in 1990. A lot of club success there with playing and coaching followed in the next 10 years and more importantly made some life long friends that are not only friends but an inspiration to me.
    * One of the first real tests of my coaching came soon after it reopened when I agreed to help with some people with Down Syndrome and other intellectual disabilities. This was great and it exposed another side of coaching to me.
    * 1986 ICA Queensland Colts and Nu Steel Cup open team, Queensland Cannons
    * 1987 ICA Nu Steel Cup team Queensland Bears. All Australian selection
    * 1988 -- 2000 ICA/AICF Queensland team
    * 1995 Queensland team after the Australian Indoor Cricket Federation and Indoor Cricket Arenas (ICA) combined
    * 1996 -- 2000 Queensland over 30's. Captain 1997 to 2000. Played in 5 finals winning the first 3.
    * Australian Over-30's selection 1997 -- 2000.
    * 1997 Captain of the inaugural Over-30 tour of New Zealand. We won all 3 tests and all of the lead up games. More friends made and I caught up with some this year.
    * Unavailable to tour N.Z. in 1999 due to Open commitments with coaching.
    * 1998 to 2001 State Open women's coach. Won in 1998, 1999 and 2001.
    * Australian Women's coach from 1998 to present day, with 1 year left on my agreement.
    * World Cup win for the Australian Women in 1998 in Melbourne.
    * Successful tours of England (1999) and New Zealand (2001).
    * Had to withdraw from the position in 2000, missing the World Cup and the Australian Women's first loss in a World Cup game, because I had just gone into partnership to buy this centre and could not afford to be away at that time (ICW: Ross Collins coached the Australian Women to victory, despite losing a qualifying game, in the 2000 World Cup).

ICW: Phew. That's an impressive list of achievements for just 14 years involvement in the sport. Okay, let's move on to our interview --

The Brad Zeller Interview commences: Brad's favourite * other* sports, favourite spectator sports, favourite coaches . . . and Brad's views on whether or not Indoor Cricket ruins outdoor players' skills?

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